We offer school pencil cases in best quality, intended for students of all ages. Thanks to the various series of pencil cases, everyone will find the article for themselves.


    Pencil cases for all fans of monsters


    The products from the Bella series will surely appeal to girls, in all ages. Colorful and interesting applications stimulate the imagination, and the compartments allow you to keep order.


    A series of products in military type is a great way to organize a schoolbox for boys. Offer the child to choose a pencil case for himself.


  • EKOL
    We also offer eko-leather pencil cases, which are characterized by a very subdued, even elegant look. They will be interesting not only for children but also for adults.


    A collection with the most popular emoticon themes that allow you to define emotions in an original way. Follow the trend and choose your most fashionable design from the collection of happy faces.


    Fantastic football and automotive designs will surely delight little football fans, motorbikes and cars as well as all sports activities.

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