As a producer of briefcases we can offer you wide choice of products of high quality which can be used in different ways. We offer attache cases for people carrying business documents, products for drivers and conference-cases. THERE IS A POSSIBILITY TO PRESS LOGO!


  • Briefcases-big
    Big business briefcases are made with great attention to appearance and functionality, all details are perfectly refined. Large folders are perfect for work, thanks to the capacity and compartments. They are perfect for important meetings. They can fit all the necessary things, including documents and paper folders, binders and folders in A4 format.


  • Attache-cases
    Practical briefcases are almost the basis of a sales representative's work. They allow you to store basic tools, materials and take notes, and at the same time look very professional.


  • Drivers-cases
    Being a best producer of briefcases, we took care of the comfort of their use, especially for those who use them most often. We have created a series of briefcases for drivers that allow you to store many materials in one place.


  • Conference briefcases
    Lots of space for notes, compartments, business cards, pens - as an experienced producer, we know what you need during a conference. We are aware of the importance of the appearance of conference products.


  • Other
    We are not just a briefcase producer. We also make other products made from imitation leather, that are used in everyday life, such as a driver's wallet or presenters for perfume samples

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